A Press Release Template Perfect for the Indie Game Developer

If you’ve never written a press release before, finding a press release template is a great place to start. Just like schematics instruct engineers, a good press release template will instruct you to execute a solid press release. Below is such a press release template, but tailored to fit the needs of indie game developers.

press release template

  1. Headline
    Your headline (and sub headline) should sum up your press release’s purpose, as well as intrigue a reader to continue. It may seem like a big job, but effective headlines are no longer than 18 words.
  2. Dateline
    There IS a correct way to write datelines. Get this often botched format correct by following my press release template above and using AP Style Guidelines[1] to determine your city’s presentation.
  3. Grabber
    The first sentence of a press release is often called the grabber because it must (1) “grab” a reader’s attention, while (2) communicating any major points. (Your reader may only read this one sentence, so make it count).
  4. Game Description
    Immediately following your grabber, compel readers to continue on with an engaging game description. Be sure to weave in core benefits, as well as what makes your game unique. Here is a great press release example[2] of a strong game description.
    Not only do quotes add a human element, but writers love them. One to two quotes from you, your team members, sponsors, etc. reinforcing your press release’s major points are a good idea.
  6. Call to Action
    Your press release is a piece of marketing. And like all marketing materials, it needs a call to action. A simple hyperlink to where readers can download, purchase or learn more about your game works best.
  7. About Section
    Instead of wasting text in the body of your press release to cover you and/or your studio, use the “About Section.” One paragraph with a link to your website should suffice.
  8. Contact Info
    Make it easy for a writer to follow up with you by including your contact information. Be sure to provide your email AND phone number.
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