How to Write a Press Release? Free Press Release Template Examples

Write a Press Release

2). Launch Press Release

A launch release is the kind of press release that identifies with the arrival of some new organization, item, site, activity or something comparable. The usual format of this type of press release is like a general news release only, however, with a greater amount of an accentuation on opportune. A launch release should help you in creating a feeling of urgency about the up and coming launch. Here is an example of a launch release captures from the newsroom of the e-commerce website Amazon. 

Write a Press Release

3). Event Press Release

Most of the press releases are composed of individuals from the media as the underlying gathering of people. An event press release is somewhat unique. This sort of public statement needs to unmistakably clarify the points of interest of an event which is likely to happen. The objective is to have the event specifics imprinted in the media so the overall population can find out about them.

Here is an example of an event press release taken from the site of 

Write a Press Release

4). Product Press Release

Whenever you are releasing a new product you need to alert the public about it. Let the public know it with the help of a product press release. In this type of release, you need to create a sensation about your product and in this kind of release you need to include all the detailed specs of your product.  Without which this press release is no good.

Here is an example of a product release captured from the website of Adobe.

Write a Press Release

5). Executive, Staff And Employee Press Release

All the big companies of the world regularly report new hires or changes in administration, particularly those of the high-level administration, in an official statement. An official statement of this kind regularly incorporates genuinely broad personal data about the new person. Somewhere around one photograph of the individual ought to be incorporated, as well.

Here is an example of an Executive press release taken from the website of AppleInsider. 

Write a Press Release

6). Expert Position Press Release

This is a sort of public statement which used to build up a person’s or brand’s credibility in a specific field. The thought is to position the individual or organization as a go-to source of data to be reached by the media sooner or later. An expert position press release gives a general presentation and in addition some kind of third-party confirmation of skill.

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