How to Write a Press Release? Free Press Release Template Examples

Here is an example of an Executive press release taken from the website of Apple.

Write a Press Release

Tips on writing a good Press Release

Press releases have dependably been tied in with boosting brand awareness by means of earned media coverage and paid media coverage. That will never show signs of change; in any case, conceived from the digital transformation are new benchmarks, objectives, and procedures of writing a press release that can do the deal for you.

As a matter of first importance, syndicating your official statement to significant news sites, industry productions and online journals will drive new and focused targeted traffic from gatherings of people who wouldn’t have otherwise wound up on your site. Furthermore, utilizing targeted keywords in your official statement, particularly your features, can likewise enable your discharge to ascend in indexed lists.

Write a Press Release

At last, the significant part of customers trust earned media more than paid and owned content, and press releases play an imperative job in how your intended interest group sees your brand.

All that being said, let me now take you to the tips on writing a good press release that people and journalists would want to read. Let’s go!

A). Make sure your announcement is Newsworthy.

The first thing is to begin by inquiring as to whether the story is newsworthy. Composing a press release just to write one for the sake of writing is a guaranteed way of inviting Google’s wrath and customer’s ignorance

Ask yourself: would this story be fitting in the news segment of the daily paper, or possibly on a trade production? Is it loaded up with actualities or feelings? Does it recount a story or does it seem like an ad? Would your intended audience want to read it?

Press Releases are and should always be about the newsworthy news. 

B). An Attractive Heading.

Your headings are the main things, and in many cases the only things, an individual would see, so take time to brainstorm and come up with the most ideal one. Google also checks them, but normally it checks the initial 70 characters only, so keep your headings short yet effective. Utilize measurements or numbers from your press releases to draw in readers.

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